Coudray Acupuncture - Restorative, Regenerative & Preventative Health
Health Tips to Balancing the Body, Mind and Spirit
1. Make yourself the center of your own universe.  set your intention to achieve health and peace in all you do.  Take care of yourself first, honor your own needs first and then only you can be strong enough to take care of others.
2. Removing Toxins ,We are exposed to 50 times the level of toxins compared to most other developed countries, through water, air, industries, computers, cell phones, preservatives, plastics, and fumes.  These toxins reside in the bowel, the liver and the fat tissues especially.  Toxins impair all chemical reactions in the body.  as an example,
*Bowel Toxins like Candidia or other bacterial overgrowth impair absorption and production of nutrients.
*Acidity from shallow breathe, lack of vegetables, and inflammation causes slowing of chemical reactions in the body, which proceed optimally at pH 7.0 and above.
*Electromagnetic radiation (EMF) from cell phones, computers, cordless phone bases, and WiFi zones are now known to have a real effects on sperm function, brain waves, thyroid function and immunity.
*Liver toxins (i.e.Tylenol, prescription drugs,alcohol, fuel fumes) impair the detoxification process which occurs in the liver.
*Viruses, fungi and parasites are present everywhere and accumulate in the body.
*Heavy Metals diminish neurological function and bone desity among other identified complications.
Toxins will impair the absorption and utilization of nutrients and hormones.  This is the premises for regular bowel, liver and tissue detoxification and specific detoxificationas needed, for example of,if heavy metals and parasites are present and identified.

My-Facial Acupuncture a constitutional approach to Anti aging,   What is aging?  I believe “Aging is not hardening of the arteries; it is hardening of the attitudes” My facial acupuncture is an organic process that treats both facial muscles and your body in a series of treatments that have an accumulative effect, and the clients result and benefits will depend on their genetic make-up, life styles choices, and outlook on life, My unique modality to facial acupuncture empowers and encourages people to reassess how they think about beauty and aging.  It also offers a preventative alternative to cosmetic surgery and other invasive procedures, takes an integrative approach to health, and addresses the totality of the individual patient to enhance both beauty and longevity, while simultaneously promoting quality of life and youthful vigor 10-12 sessions is recommended for an optimum result, ($700.00/series) (smokers, “saggers”, sunbather alcohol intake will require more than one series of treatment) Following the completion of an entire treatment series, the patient moves on to a period of maintenance.  During this time, it is usually recommended 1 treatment per month for basically healthy patients, for “saggers” and people that need more care they are seen 2 times/ month. Follow-ups are recommended to not lose the result, (every 1-3 mos. after the initial result is reached) (Smokers, sunbathing and alcohol intake will not achieve the desired look if they continue with these life styles) If Botox and fillers has been used this facial acupuncture treatment will undo the Botox and fillers in that area. If so, please wait 3-6 weeks for the effect of these allopathic treatments to wear off before you decide to have Facial Acupuncture. Same would be for laser resurfacing, micro dermabrasion and chemical peels, and patients with cosmetic surgery please wait 6 mos. prior to facial acupuncture. My philosophy of facial acupuncture focuses on renewal, it’s a journey in healing and anti aging, and each patient is responsible for their well being, and if an individual expects to achieve a miraculous transformation of their appearance without their own investment of energy and commitment to the process, they would not be a good prospect for this treatment series.   Sincerely Dr. Catherine Coudray Lic Ap. Dipl Ac.    

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