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Dear Patients,
As we now enter a new year, I hope your health has been maintained and strong however if we could improve your health I like to introduce you to our medical practice, contact us to find out how we can help you on your quest for optimal health.
Acupuncture Physician Dr. Catherine Coudray
Catherine Coudray is a distinguished doctor who is able to treat various conditions including pain.  As an Acupuncture Physician, she is joining us from Florida Hospital Medical Center, she is an accomplished equestrian, cheer leading and Berkley Musical mom and well spoken fluent in French, Swedish lifestyles, established clinical nutritionist with training from Sweden and USA, please see our web page for more information on her training and qualifications.
I am confident that Dr. Catherine Coudray Registered Acupuncturist, with over 30 years of medical experience, She will bring the exceptional level of care you've come to expect from the best of health care.
We offer a complimentary evaluation to discuss what acupuncture can do for you, bring your questions and quest for health where we Prevent, Regenerate and Restore your health.
We very much appreciate your confidence in us and look forward seeing  you!

Common conditions besides Pain treated with Acupuncture:
Headache w Migraine w Neuralgia w Post-operative pain w Stroke residuals w Parkinson's Disease w Tremor w Facial paralysis w Indigestion w Arthritis w Pain and General weakness w Fatigue w Osteoporosis w Sinusitis w Common cold w Bronchitis w Allergies w Asthma w Abdominal Pain w Hyperacidity w Irritable Bowel Syndrome w Constipation w PMS w Menopausal Syndromes w Sexual dysfunction w Insomnia w Sleep disorders w Stress w Anxiety w Nervousness w Chronic fatigue w Skin disorders w Stop smoking w Addictions wWeight-loss,
to mention a few of so many more.....
Dr. Catherine Coudray’s Recommended Reading List:
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