Coudray Acupuncture - Restorative, Regenerative & Preventative Health
Detox Restore Wellness
Matrix, Cell, Lymphatic, Bowel, Liver & Kidney
Price: $150.00
Relief of minor inflammation and pain of gums and mouth past dental procedures
Price: $15.00
Temporary relief of industrial, chemical toxins
Price: $15.00
Relief of flushes of heat and perspiration, physical weakness with headace, moodiness with symptoms ever changing.
Price: $15.00
The Detox Therapy protocol is a total of 6 Homeopatic Remedies
These remedies would be customized for a more personal detox protocol, These remedies is a general detox-support. buyers will be counseled via e-mail prior to purchase.
Vital force of drainage & detoxification plays the key role in ensuring a clean and healthy matrix.  The Matrix is made up of all the substances that surround the cells.
The Lymphatic Circulation, which has an effective anti-inflammatory action.
The Cell needs to be stimulated and release the toxinc substances.
The Bowel is a powerful detoxifier for the digestive system and an effective medicine for regulatuion of the intestinal function.
The Liver  remedies will offer a blockage removal and support for a proper hepatic function.
Toxins will be excretory and released from The Kidneys and help stabilize the function of the body to  a complete restoration.
"All conditions or disease are the result of preventable imbalances in hormones, nutrients, toxins, in the mind and the body.  when corrected, the reality is that the body returns to its optimal functional state.  so, wether you call it 'anti-aging" or "regenerative" or "restorative" or "preventative"; this is evidence-based medicine, it is no myth."
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